Season 2, Episode 5

How to live a more joyful life

with Sophie Cliff

Sophie Cliff is a coach and podcaster helping people to “find their thing” and live their most joyful lives, whatever that means to them.

It might not be realistic to feel joy in every moment of the day, but by making small shifts in our mindset and prioritizing our values we can add more joy into our everyday.

In this episode, Sophie shares with me how we can uncover our personal values. By aligning them with the way we work and live our life we can show up authentically and add a little more joy into our everyday.

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Sophie Cliff:

Sophie Cliff is sitting in front of a white wall, smiling, and looking off camera to the left. She is wearing a white shirt with blue stripes underneath what appears to be a dark blue denim overall. She holding a white mug with the initial S on it in both hands. To the left of the image is a flower bouquet in a vase with dark pink roses and white and light pink tulips.

The more I could stand in my conviction of “these are what my values are” and this is why, the more I built up a bit of armor against other people’s opinions.

_Sophie Cliff

Episode cover of Season 2 Episode 5 with Sophie Cliff, The Joyful Coach. The title is "How to live a more joyful life".


  1. Our mindset and thought patterns can be changed and rewired to be more positive.
  2. Joy will look different to everyone.
  3. When you know and understand your personal values you can put these at the center of your work and life.

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Season 2, Episode 5 - How to live a more joyful life with Sophie Cliff

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