A Modern Day Rebel is someone who_

_thrives rather than just survives

_isn’t afraid to take the unconventional path

_values a rich life over being rich at all costs

_works better rather than more

_understands that bigger isn’t always better

_actively creates their lifestyle

_looks for positions that play into their unique strengths

_is learning that they are enough

_is learning that what they already have is enough

_invests in their friends and family

_invests in their physical and mental health

_lives life with a cause

_focuses on sustainability and impact created

_is self-aware and reflective

_actively creates job satisfaction 

_takes responsibility in building their life

_is in tune with their moral compass and values

_actively listens and inquires

_problem solves

_values time over money

_is aware of the consequences of their actions 

_understands it’s not about what you do but who you are.

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