Modern Day Rebels

Welcome to the movement

Welcome to the movement_

Modern Day Rebels

_is a movement.

It’s about demanding more of ourselves and each other. It’s about becoming and living more intentionally. We are rebels. We are bold. We dare to live life differently, in the kind, compassionate, and innovative kind of way. We invest more in ourselves and each other and consume less.

Modern Day Rebels started as a podcast and a newsletter with the question of how we can live both better and more meaningful lives. Exploring how we can actively create the lives we want to live. Yet it is more than just a podcast or a newsletter. It is about you.

It’s about every single person who realises that business as usual is no longer good enough. That in a rapidly changing world the words “traditional” and “the way it’s always been done” are meaningless.

It’s about every single person who commits, wholeheartedly, to actively creating and living the life they want to live.

It’s about you deciding to follow your own path. Whatever that might be.

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