Season 2, Episode 4

Getting to know your cycle

with Nathalie Daudet

How much did you learn about the menstrual cycle and contraception at school? I don’t remember these subjects being covered in great detail, so fast forward to adulthood and I still have gaps in my knowledge around these topics and so many questions.

To help answer some of these questions my guest today is a fertility awareness educator, Nathalie, who is empowering people with menstrual cycles to build a relationship with their bodies through charting their menstrual cycles for hormonal health, overall well-being, and natural contraception.

This conversation with Nathalie incredibly informative as she shares her knowledge of menstruation and what we can learn by tracking our cycles.

We tackle some common misconceptions around hormonal contraception and take another look at what we were taught as Nathalie gives an insightful update to our education on ovulation, hormones, menstruation, and contraception.

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Nathalie Daudet

Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

There are people out there who benefit from women not having knowledge about their own bodies, and teaching fertility awareness is a way that I connect to people and help them feel empowered in their own health.”

_Nathalie Daudet

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Your menstrual cycle is a sign of your overall mental and physical health.
  2. The Fertility Awareness Method is NOT the same as the Rhythm Method.
  3. Developing a relationship with your body is incredibly powerful and liberating.

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Season 2, Episode 4 - Getting to know your cycle with Nathalie Daudet

by Modern Day Rebels

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