Season 1, Episode 9

Following your intuition

with Kelsey Layne

We’re often told to “go with our gut” but actually following our own intuition can be really hard when it goes against conventional ideas of career or success.

My guest today is Kelsey Layne, designer and founder of Note and Shine. Kelsey has learned first hand to follow her intuition and to trust that she knows what’s best for her, even when it goes against the grain.

Following that internal compass has seen Kelsey attend three universities, quit a job that made her unhappy, opening a vegan burger van, to now running her own beautiful wellness brand.

Kelsey is passionate about creating sustainable stationery that helps others bring self-care into their daily life, giving motivational tips to tap into your magic, and create a life you love.

In this episode, Kelsey tells me about the tools she uses to believe she can achieve all that she wants to and shares some great advice on self-care that you can apply to your everyday.

You can find Kelsey’s beautiful designs at and follow Note and Shine on Instagram @noteandshine.

Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

I always listen to my own intuition, I follow whatever it is that I think is right for me, even if it’s not the normal thing to do, I just tune out the noise and focus on what I think is right.

_Kelsey Layne

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Trust your intuition. You know what makes you happy.
  2. You have the power to create a reality you love.
  3. Listening to how you’re feeling is self-care.

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Season 1, Episode 9 - Following you intuition with Kelsey Layne

by Modern Day Rebels

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