Season 1, Episode 12

Season Finale: Behind the scenes and learnings from season 1

with Julia Franckh

Welcome to the season finale of Modern Day Rebels, I can hardly believe that 12 weeks have passed since launching this podcast. With so many brilliant and insightful guests, I’ve loved exploring how we can live better and more meaningful lives.

Like many of my guests, I have taken a more unconventional career path myself. Having initially studied both cognitive science and psychology, I found a love for the tech sector, specifically user experience design, which provided a perfect intersection of psychology and design to solve problems.

In this episode, I want to give you more background on Modern Day Rebels as a whole, and take a deeper dive into three of the key themes that kept coming up in conversation with my guests, understanding the importance they play in living life on their own terms.

While I have to admit I feel a lot more comfortable asking other people questions than talking about myself it’s been fascinating to look back at this season as a whole and I can’t wait to bring you more stories of Modern Day Rebels in September.

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Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

“Modern Day Rebels is an idea that came to me in July of 2019, so almost exactly a year ago. It started with the realization that business, as usual, is no longer good enough. That in a rapidly changing world the words “traditional” and “the way it’s always been done” are meaningless and no longer acceptable.”

_Julia Franckh

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. The topic of freedom throughout the season came up as the freedom to choose how you spend your days and the freedom of what you do.

  2. The second theme that came up throughout the season is the importance of just doing it. Making that commitment, testing it out. So many of this season’s guests make decision whole-heartedly and stuck to it.

  3. The last theme that I want to touch upon is success as so many of my guests and I touched upon the concept of success and what it means to them.

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Season 1, Episode 12 - Season Finale: Behind the scenes and learnings from season 1 with Julia Franckh

by Modern Day Rebels

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