Season 1, Episode 11

Success is a feeling

with Pip Christie

My guest this week is Pip Christie, founder of Unedited Business, the ick free agency that helps small businesses showcase who they really are.

For Pip this isn’t just a marketing ethos, it’s also how she has curated her own career and lifestyle to follow what feels right and true for her.

Over the last 18 months, Pip has quit her in-house marketing role, moved to Australia, and set up her freelance business finding that courage to craft a life that allows time for both work and rest.

In this episode Pip shares how she took her passion project and transitioned it into a viable business, finding an approach to work that works for her, be that traveling in a camper van, exploring a new city, or working from her home office in London.

You can connect with Pip on Instagram @Pip_Christie and see more of her work and blog at

Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

More often than not if we want long term sustainable change that’s actually going to have that real impact for us, it’s something that’s going to be gradual. It’s going to be a gradual journey to making that decision because we have a full understanding of what is it we need.

_Pip Christie

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Test things out & see how they feel for you.
  2. Make a life that feels good for you. 
  3. Success is not a thing, it’s a feeling.

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Season 1, Episode 11 - Success is a feeling with Pip Christie

by Modern Day Rebels

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