Season 1, Episode 10

Getting off the beaten path

with Cody Dillabough

Cody Dillabough is the CEO and founder of Avoy, a mobile app that helps travelers find destinations off the beaten path.

I was intrigued by Cody’s story as he initially planned on becoming a brain surgeon but ultimately pursued his other childhood interest which was, surprisingly, the financial markets. Cody worked on Wall Street for a number of years and is now on a much less conventional path traveling the world developing Avoy.

Cody’s story highlighted how making life changes or following your passions doesn’t always need a big leap of faith. In fact, after thoughtful analysis, sometimes staying in your current role is a bigger risk than trying something new.

If you want to check out Avoy, it is currently invite only but if you download the app and use the code REBELS in your application this will allow you to create your account and get inspired by new travel locations!  

You can also find them on Instagram @avoytravel

Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

I do think there is a misconception that risk is always a foolish behavior and that people really just fall into one attitude categories… However, in reality, all of our decisions do possess some risk factor.”

_Cody Dillabough

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Making a change doesn’t have to be a leap of faith, but can be a calculated risk.
  2. People might question your decisions but if you know in yourself you’ve evaluated the risk and potential results you can feel assured in your choices.
  3. Timing is key in making change

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Season 1, Episode 10 - Getting off the beaten path with Cody Dillabough

by Modern Day Rebels

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