Season 1, Episode 3

You are as much a mammal as a moose

With Marcus Eldh

Marcus Eldh is a true free spirit. We join him in his element walking in the forest in Sweden surrounded by the sound of birds transporting you there with him.

Having completed his studies in computer science Marcus was clear on what he didn’t want from a job. He knew he didn’t want to work at a desk waiting for his holidays to get outside and have some fun. The freedom of being in nature needed to come first, and work to follow.

Overhearing two tourists ask where they could see wild moose sparked an idea that maybe he could take visitors to see wildlife in Sweden allowing him to spend his days outside.

From winging it on that first tour to now welcoming nature loving travellers from all over the world Marcus is still checking in with that list of what he doesn’t want and pivots his work to ensure it captures all he loves and delegates the work that doesn’t.

Marcus has built a fulfilling career immersing humans with nature and showing them that we are all connected to the natural world. As he says ‘you are as much a mammal as a moose’ so while we may think we need to reconnect with nature Marcus explains we are all apart of nature, a lovely reminder that we can all become a little bit wilder.

Marcus shares his everyday in the forest over on Instagram and for more about Wild Sweden tours check out

Marcus Eldh Modern Day Rebels Podcast

“Humans are mammals, we are animals, we belong in nature, so when people say they have to reconnect with nature they don’t realise they are in-fact nature.”

_Marcus Eldh

Modern Day Rebels Marcus Eldh


  1. Tell everyone that you will  run your business for 200 years, no matter what. That way everyone knows you’ll never give up on your
  2. As humans we are part of nature. We don’t need to reconnect with it but recognise it.
  3. Don’t focus on your mistakes, if something doesn’t work jump to the next wave

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Season 1, Episode 3 - You are as much a mammal as a moose with Marcus Eldh

by Modern Day Rebels

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