Season 1, Episode 8

Creating a career you love

with Callum Goodwilliam

This week joining me is Callum Goodwilliam, a Senior Programme Manager for General Assembly, who shares how he forged a career he truly loves.

I met Callum a little over a year ago and I was immediately impressed by the way he intentionally approaches every project and his supportive leadership style.

It’s clear Callum loves his job but it wasn’t just by coincidence that he ended up in this role. He’s worked hard to understand what works best for him, so I was keen to dig further into this evolution to uncover the how and why of how he got there.

Starting his career in the arts and later falling in love with improv, Callum realised he could transfer parts of his interests and skills into a meaningful career in the tech industry.

Although it wasn’t a career path he imagined for himself reflecting on this now, he can see all junctures that lead him there based on his passions and values.

If you’re thinking about making a career change and aren’t sure where to start or how to take the expertise you have and apply them to a new role or industry, then this is the episode for you!

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Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

I don’t believe in the perfect job where everything is flawless, that’s crazy, but what’s your broad sense of the work your doing, and are you enjoying it? Keep asking yourself those things.

_Callum Goodwilliam

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Don’t take it all too seriously, be playful.
  2. Follow your passions and interests as they can give you transferable skills that aren’t always obvious.
  3. Supportive teams and mentors are important. They can help you see career shifts as opportunities rather than risks.

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Season 1, Episode 8 - Creating a career you love with Callum Goodwilliam

by Modern Day Rebels

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