Season 1, Episode 6

How to rise at work

with Alice Olins

Anyone can live life on their own terms, not just freelancers and those who are self-employed. Being your own boss is a mindset and a conscious decision, not always a title you can put on a resume.

We often underestimate how much the freedom we have within our roles in an organisation, whether that’s bringing our personalities to work or finding ways in which we can grow in a job. The idea that innovation can only happen outside of traditional roles is shifting.

This conversation with Alice Olins, Founder of the Step Up Club, highlighted this notion and had so many tangible takeaways for me. Another that sticks out is being an “intrapreneur”. Intrapreneurs take the innovative thinking of an entrepreneur, challenging ideas and looking for opportunities, but within an organisation.

As Alice says so beautifully throughout this episode, we put a lot of pressure on our jobs and they become a measure for how happy we are in our lives, but our needs and wants evolve over our careers. By understanding what our own version of success looks like we can stop comparing ourselves to others and do more of what makes us happy.

You can learn more about Alice’s coaching, courses, and community at Connect with her on Instagram @thestepupclub and her book; “Step Up. Confidence, success and your stellar career in 10 minutes a day” is available on Amazon.


Aiden Carroll Modern Day Rebels

Sometimes your career happens to you rather than the other way round and we don’t consider that we have a choice in the matter.

_Alice Olins

Modern Day Rebels Aiden Carroll


  1. Everyone’s definition of success looks different. You only need to strive to achieve your version.

  2. We put a lot of pressure on our careers to be perfect right now, but it’s part of a longer story.

  3. You can have an entrepreneurial mindset whilst being in an organisation.

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Season 1, Episode 6 - How to rise at work with Alice Olins

by Modern Day Rebels

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