Season 1, Episode 2

Building a life on your own terms

With Alice Benham

Joining me this week is Alice Benham, digital marketing coach, podcast and retreat host, and absolute power house.

Actively shaping the life and career she wants Alice has a mission to make the business world more honest, focused and an intentional space leading by example.

Having left school at 17 to follow a desire to be “doing”, Alice launched into the world of work and gave it everything.

Sacrificing friendships and her health lead to burnt out and while from the outside things looked shiny she knew that she needed to build a business that worked not only for clients, but served her as well.  

Bouncing back Alice shares the process she went through to define a clear purpose for herself. From trying on everyone else’s approach for size to building a business on her terms and continuously evolving what success means to her. 

Through trusting her instinct she’s paving the way for others to create sustainable & value driven businesses.

See more of Alice’s work at and for honest accounts of running a business you can listen to Starting the Conversation on your favourite podcast apps. You can also find Alice on Instagram @alice_benham

Alice Benham Modern Day Rebels Podcast

“Building the foundations of a successful business doesn’t actually start with a business. It starts with you in, terms of who you are, your values, your approach and what’s important to you.”

_Alice Benham

Modern Day Rebels Alice Benham


  1. Make the mistake to learn the lesson
  2. To build a business that works for you and for your clients you need a clear why for both parties.
  3. Success that’s not on your terms, isn’t success.

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Season 1, Episode 2 - Building a life on your own terms with Alice Benham

by Modern Day Rebels

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